Top 5 Fielders in IPL

Top 5 Fielders in IPL History 

As we all know, the IPL is about to come and there is a lot of excitement around the corner. Most of the time people only focus on batting and bowling, but fielding is something, which is always present in every thick and thin moments of the game. So let us see today the top 5 fielders of IPL and how did they change the mindset of the people about fielding. 

5. Dwayne Bravo : 


Dwayne Bravo is one of the most entertaining players of IPL, the west Indian all rounder has got a huge fan following in India, because of his ability to change the game and for his cool attitude on the pitch. He is often stationed at mid wicket, where he grabbed some of the most exciting catches of all time. He is a complete package on the field, he can take catches, can stop boundaries and can do unique trend setting celebrations. In his IPL career, he has grabbed 67 catches. 


4.Kieron Pollard : 


In the IPL history, Pollard has produced some really good performances on the field. He is a complete package like Bravo, this tall giant can hit long sixes, can take crucial wickets with his part time bowling, but where Pollard is really good is, with the fielding he normally does for his team. He has the ability to take some really unbelievable catches. Pollard in his IPL career has taken 76 catches. 


3.Rohit Sharma: 


Well, I know you must be questioning the position of Rohit Sharma, but trust me, he is one of the best fielders in the world right now. He has been part of many unbelievable catches in his IPL journey. He can be stationed anywhere, from Mid-on to Slips and can surprise any team, by his fielding efforts. Rohit has taken 79 catches so far in IPL. 


2.AB de Villiers: 


This guy needs no explanation, he is one of those guys, who is extremely popular and loved in every corner of the world, regarded as MR 360 aka AB de Villiers. He is one of the few people in world cricket, who has elevated the standard of fielding. He is very calm and has a very good fielding technique. He is a monster, when it comes to batting and is equally bad ass in the fielding department. Ab de Villiers has taken over 87 catches in his IPL career. 


1.Suresh Raina:


Raina is one of the few players, who will be regarded as the backbone of CSK. He is a very vital player in making CSK such a strong side in IPL. Suresh Raina has grabbed some of the most amazing catches in IPL history and in his IPL career, has taken 88 catches. He was regarded as the best fielder, when he was playing for India and even touching 31, he can still take those screamers at will. 


Updated: April 8, 2020 — 4:46 am

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